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Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the Teamsters, or no unionization. Includes December 12 & 29 tallies.

Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the UFW, Teamsters, or no unionization

Sample union ballot forms for Employees working under Bud Antle, Inc., Vista Verde Farms, Inc., and D'Arrigo Brothers.

Correspondence between NLRB Regional Director Roy O. Hoffman regarding the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee

Article regarding AWOC Stockton Director Al Green arguing AWOC's grape strike struggle as a union effort and not a civil rights effort

Articles details split between unionized Filipinos and non-unionized Filipinos during the early years of the Delano Grape Strike

Articles detail ILWU sympathy and support for the AWOC-NFWA grape trike in San Francisco

Details AWOC's disputes with the Bracero Program

Details AWOC's labor disputes regarding wages, the Bracero Program, and disability insurance benefits

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An Open Letter regarding the impending evictions of the International Hotel at San Francisco's Manilatown

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Account of the UC Davis Sociology 191V, detailing the class trip to Delano. Article notes the plight farm workers in Delano, along with the racial discrimination faced by Asians, African Americans and Chicanos.

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Summary of the International Hotel crises during the late 1970s

Document that briefly details Philip Vera Cruz' viewpoint of the American Dream.

List of tenants of Agbayani Village

The volunteer log for the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, detailing various student volunteers that assisted during the strike.

Larry Itliong's campaign pitch for Delano's City Council.

Meeting minutes explaing the AFSC's relationship with the United Farm Workers union and the adoption of Cesar Chavez' methods of non-violence
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