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Correspondence between Patty Enrado and the late Andy Imutan. Subjects discussed within this correspondence includes the history of the Delano Grape Strike, the UFW, and Filipino American Farmworker History.

Correspondence from Fausto Ayson regarding Filipino American farmworkers in Delano, California. Also mentions Larry Itliong

Correspondence regarding Larry Itliong and Carlos Bulosan.

Correspondence between Larry Itliong and Cary
McWilliams. The letter explains Filipino relations in the United States and Carlos Bulosan.

Sebastian Sahugan, longtime photographer for both AWOC and UFW, shares his thoughts on Filipino Americans, farmworker activism, and Agbayani village.


Obituary written by an unidentified Agbayani Village volunteer. The Obituary is accompanied by a poem written by Vera Cruz, titled "Profits of the Enslaved."


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