Filipinos in the Sacramento Region Oral History Project


Filipinos in the Sacramento Region Oral History Project


The oral histories interviews record the history of Filipinos in the Sacramento Region (City of Sacramento, City of Elk Grove, Sacramento Delta towns) from the early 20th century to the present. Topics consist of the history of Sacramento’s Filipino community, social organizations (such as Filipino Community of Sacramento and Vicinity, the Filipino Women’s Club, and Sacramento Filipino Youth Association), farmworkers in Sacramento and the Sacramento Delta, recreation activities and community get-togethers, Filipino American veterans, American Legion Post 604 Magellan, the Rizal Community Center, and plans for a community-owned Filipino Center.

Collection Items

Oral history interview with Vince Sales

Oral history interview with Jay Paular

Oral history interview with Zenny Yagen

Oral history interview with Dick Mazon

Oral history interview with Josefina Patria

Oral history interview with Alice Evangelista

Oral History Interview with Leo and Irene Salinas
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