Agbayani Village at Forty Acres (Delano, California)

Construction of Agbayani Village (Lorraine Agtang collection, lac-ph-0031)


Agbayani Village was built in 1974 at the Forty Acres facility, and served as a retirement facility for elderly, Filipino bachelors. Numerous volunteers from northern and southern California participated in the construction of the retirement home, from UFW members to Asian American college students. The construction of Agbayani Village represented the multi ethnic aspect of the United Farm Workers, as people of all races and backgrounds convened at Forty Acres to assist in the construction. Lorraine Agtang served as Agbayani Village's first manager. Residents of Agbayani Village included Willie Barrientos, Marcos Ramos, Marriano Esquira, Marcel Domingo, Catalino Taclibon , Sebastian Sahagan, Severino Manglio, Celedonio La Cuesta, Ben Apad, and AWOC and UFW leader Philip Vera Cruz.

Agbayani Village was listed as a national landmark in 2008, as part of the Forty Acres facility. The last Filipino farmworker living on the premises died on 1997.