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Sample union ballot forms for Employees working under Bud Antle, Inc., Vista Verde Farms, Inc., and D'Arrigo Brothers.

Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the UFW, Teamsters, or no unionization

Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the Teamsters, or no unionization. Includes December 12 & 29 tallies.

UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


Meeting minutes explaing the AFSC's relationship with the United Farm Workers union and the adoption of Cesar Chavez' methods of non-violence

Correspondence between Patty Enrado and the late Andy Imutan. Subjects discussed within this correspondence includes the history of the Delano Grape Strike, the UFW, and Filipino American Farmworker History.

Sebastian Sahugan, longtime photographer for both AWOC and UFW, shares his thoughts on Filipino Americans, farmworker activism, and Agbayani village.


An interview by Ang Katipunan, containing an interview with Philip Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz explains his reasons for resigning from the union, his grievances towards Cesar Chavez and the role of Filipino Americans in the United Farm Workers.

These documents contain chapter notes, speeches, event information, and program documentation for various activities from the Sacramento Anti-Martial Law Alliance.

These documents detail activities from the Anti-Martial Law Alliance Sacramento Chapter, including the Christmas Caroling campaign, anti-nuclear plant concerns, and song lyrics.

This folder contains various issues of Tanod, detailing political prisoners in the Philippines, interfered elections, & Philippine military operations against the New People's Army

This report tracks the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Filipino
American community. Key factors that make the Filipino American
community vulnerable, as compared to other Asian American-Pacific
Islander groups, are its undocumented…

Article on the state of Filipino newspapers and events in California during the mid-20th century. Subjects include labor struggles and organizations, newspaper article trends, and synopsis of political leanings of newspapers.

Correspondence regarding Larry Itliong and Carlos Bulosan.

Correspondence from Fausto Ayson regarding Filipino American farmworkers in Delano, California. Also mentions Larry Itliong

113 page journal written by George Suriley during the Philippine American War. Details personal accounts of military travel from the United States to the Philippines, living conditions of American military posts, and combat with Filipinos.

Manifest Destiny Across the Pacific.pdf
Exhibit layout for upcoming Bulosan Center Exhibit

This personal journal includes the early life and career history of Julian Garcia, who served as a Bandmaster for the U.S. Navy. The 23-page diary features handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs regarding his U.S. Navy service and…

This Calendar project by the Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP, Union of Democratic Pilipinos) contains artwork and poetry from Filipino artists. The calendar also contains a brief biography of KDP, biographies for Emmanuel Lacaba, Orlando…

Larry Itliong's campaign pitch for Delano's City Council.

Documents pertaining to the ALMC-7, who were 7 ALMC members who participated in a peaceful protest at the Philippines consulate in San Francisco.

Documents pertaining to the Anti Martial Law Coalition's national endeavors, including the Christmas campaign, building local alliances, newsletter publications, U.S. Bases in the Philippines, and annual schedules.

Documents pertaining to the Assassination of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes.

Details the 1983-1984 Caroling Campaign, including song lyrics, goals, time frame and talking points.

Documents pertaining to CAMD/PSN activities in 1984, along with memos and guidelines. This folder also contains a comprehensive listing of political assassinations conducted by the Marcos regime in the Philippines (See Fact Sheet: Fraud, Killings,…

These documents contain fundraising activities for the Union of Democratic Filipinos & Coalition against the Marcos Dictatorship (Sacramento Chapters), along with fact sheets detailing Martial Law in the Philippines. Additionally, this folder…

Documents from the Sacramento Anti-Martial Law Alliance's on Aimee Cruz. Cruz was the National Coordinator for the National Alliance for Fair Licensure for Foreign Nurse Graduates (NAFL-FNG). Her role with NAFL-FNG was noted by the harassment by the…

This folder contains handwritten notes summarizing the Union of Democratic Pilipinos' republication of People's war in the Philippines. Copyright Restrictions prevent digitization of the article, however it can be accessed at HathiTrust (Access as of…

This folder contains song lyrics from Sing/Panata, Solidarity Forever, & De Colores.

Reprinted by the Union of Democratic Filipinos, this report includes various reports on the Marcos Dictatorship, political Maneuvers, Economic Policies, U.S. Assistance to the Marcos Regime, The Torture of Prisoners, The Urban and Rural Resistance,…

Grape harvest account by Philip Vera Cruz


Article on the establishment of the Filipino Community Press at the San Joaquin Valley

Article detailing meeting of Filipino Federation of America visits to San Luis Obispo Area

Newspaper article describing the events of the 1965-1970 Delano Grape Strike, from the strike inception to 1969.

Select issues of the Taliba Newsletter, detailing Ferdinand Marcos' canceled trip to the U.S., Military bases in the Philippines, US-Philippine extradition policies, and general policies of the Regan and Carter administrations.
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