Agtang (Lorraine) Oral History Interview


Agtang (Lorraine) Oral History Interview


Lorraine Agtang was a UFW organizer during the 1970s and served the first manager for Agbayani Village. In this oral history interview, Lorraine recounts her early experiences as a farmworker, along with her experiences in both the 1965 Delano Grape Strike and the 1973 Grape Strike.


Welga Project


University of California, Davis. Asian American Studies Department. Welga Filipino American Labor Archives.


March 17, 2014


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Allan Jason Sarmiento


Lorraine Agtang


Sacramento, California

Finding Guide

Interview Finding Guide for Oral History of Lorraine Agtang


Place of birth in 1952 – father’s occupation as a migrant worker – mother’s immigration into the United States – parents meet and Arizona, marry, and relocate to Delano – growing up in East Delano – ethnic relations in East Delano


Ethnic relations in the fields– farm work at an early age– first experiences with farmworker activism– 1965 Grape Strikes and the Agricultural Workers Organizing (AWOC) Committee – early strikebreakers – joint strike with the National Farmworkers Association (NFWA) – Delano’s Filipino Community on strike – working with the United Farm Workers (UFW)

Working at 40 Acres and Agbayani Village – decline of Filipino-Americans in union participation – The 1973 Strike and Teamsters – Filipinos in the Teamsters – ethnic tensions during AWOC-NFWA merger – Paul Agbayani’s death during the ’65 strike

Pre-UFW strikes: Filipino farmworkers and “wildcat strikes” – wildcat strikes and the 1965 grape strike – Filipino farmworkers after the boycott – Agbayani Village and Asian students – deaths during the strike – Lorraine’s experience in the 1973 Grape Strike – working at the Rodridgo Terronez Memorial Clinic

Working at the Rodridgo Terronez Memorial Clinic – construction of Agbayani Village– interactions with Manongs, Agbayani Village workers, and students – first manager of Agbayani Village – The Manongs daily life at Agbayani Village – Philip Vera Cruz –

Cesar Chavez’ visit to the Philippines – working as a UFW labor organizer – post-’65 strike Filipino families in Delano –

Supporting Filipino-American Farmworker History – Assembly Bill 123 – Legacy in Filipino-American Farmworker History


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