Union organizer enters race as people's candidate


Union organizer enters race as people's candidate


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the Delano Record


the Delano Record




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Declaring he is the people's candidate, Larry Itliong official of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, AFL CIO, Thursday announced he is a candidate for election to the City Council.
Itliong, 52, has lived in Delano for about 5 years and resides on 129 West 19th place with his wife Juanita and their three children.

In an interview Thursday afternoon, Itliong said he sought the post " because I feel people on this side of town are not being represented and because it is also my civic duty to serve in the community I reside in."

Itliong declared his candidacy has the full support of Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Workers Association. He said Chavez was the first to sign his nominating papers. I'm Native of Pangasinan province in the island of Luzon in the Philippines, Itliong has been a resident of the United States for 37 years. He said he spent three years as a dispatcher for local 37, international Longshoremen's and warehouse mens Union in Seattle Washington, and was employed for 12 years by Lodi packing box firm. Itliong joined the AWOC in Stockton in 1960.

He said he is a member of legionarios del trabajo and serves as a member of the Delano lodge. He is also member of the Mexican American political association. What other agricultural workers organizing committee officials, he attended the 14th annual convention of the California Democratic Council held during the weekend in Bakersfield. AWOC and NFWA maintain tables in the lobby of the Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, where quantities of food, clothing and money or collected and various items of literature were on sale, including Eugene Nelson ' s "Huelga," the story of the Delano grape strikes first 100 days, published by the farm workers press Incorporated, a subsidiary of the National Farm Workers Association.

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