People's Calendar 1979 - Tala Arawang Bayan  (Fenkell Papers, Box 1, Folder 10)


People's Calendar 1979 - Tala Arawang Bayan  (Fenkell Papers, Box 1, Folder 10)


This Calendar project by the Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP, Union of Democratic Pilipinos) contains artwork and poetry from Filipino artists. The calendar also contains a brief biography of KDP, biographies for Emmanuel Lacaba, Orlando astillo, and Pablo Santos, and timeline dates of historic Philippine/Filipino American events.


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The lasr hundred years have witnessed the massive
movements of millions of people, all over the world, to
remake cheir societies, in attempts to eliminate
exploicarion, poveny and oppression. Unfortunately,
such important events and activities are very seldom
reflected in our calendars which we refer day to day in
the course of the year. Therefore, Tala-arawang Bayan
(People· s Calendar) is meant to begin co commemorate
and high light some of the past and current people's
struggles for social justice.
The major focus of the calendar concentrates on the
progressive struggles of che Filipino people, both in the
Philippines and here in America.
In rhe last IO years in particular, there has emerged a
noticeable progressive and revolutionary coumercurrent
in Philippine cul tu re stemming from the
heighrened srruggles which have shaken Philippine
society during rhe 60's and 70's.
This year's People's Calendar will feature the
painrings and poems of a few of the Filipino artists and
poets whose work have begun to gain prominence in
recenr >·ears.
The Tala-arawang Bayan is produced annually by the
Kattpunan ng mga Demokratikong P,ltpino (Union of
Democratic Filipinos) as primarily an educational
service for the expanding progressive movement
among rilipmos in America.

Ktipunan ng mga
Pilipino (KDP)

The Kattpunan ng mga Demokrattkong Pil,pino
(KDP) 1s a mass organization based in the United States
and is committed primarily to the struggle for the basic
and long-term needs of the Filipino people, both in the
Philippines and here m America.
Because of this, KDP supports th e struggle of the
Filipino people against the Marcos dictatorship and
pledges to help build a broad-based movement among
Filipinos m the United States to oppose mania! law.
However, KDP sees ,hat the root cause of all the
mi!>ery and poverty in rhe Philippines is the imperialist
control , exercised pnncipally by the U.S., over the
ecunomy and politics of rhe country. The Filipino
people can solve this basic problem only through long
and difficult revolutionary struggle for a truly genuine
democrauc and independent Philippines.

Here in the United States, KDP is committed to
struggling for rhe democratic rights of the Filipino
minority. KDP views the racial and national discrimination
experienced by the Filipino people as part of1
and stemming from, the monopoly capitalist system in
the United States. Our analysis shows that the United
Stares government is in fact nor democratic, but in the
hands of a tiny minority of monopoly industrialists and
KDP sees that the people of the U.S. also need
fundamental, revolutionary change to solve rhe basic
ills that plague American society. The KDP understands
that the working class must firmly control the
government before it can rightfully be termed a
government "of the people and for the people."
KDP sees that greater numbers of Filipinos are
coming to these same political understandings. KDP is
an organization open to all who agree with our political
programme. In addition, KDP is committed to working
in close cooperation wirh alJ progressive Filipinos to
build a strong Filipino people 's movement in America.
KDP has chapters in most major cities where there
are Filipino communities. Inquiries regarding KDP
should be sent to P.O. Box 23644, Oakland, CA 94623 .
For up-to-date information on the Philippines and the
Filipino community here in the U.S., read Ang
Kattpunan , national newspaper of the KDP.

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