Morozumi (Greg) Oral History Interview


Morozumi (Greg) Oral History Interview


Agbayani Village
Chavez, Cesar, 1927-1993 [lcna]
International Hotel - San Francisco
Filipino American migrant agricultural laborers [lcsh]
Student Activism [lcsh]
United Farm Workers [lcna]
Vera Cruz, Philip [lcna]


Greg Morozumi recounts his activities as a political activist, from his early involvement to I Wor Kuen, his association with Philip Vera Cruz, to his current activities at Eastside Arts Alliance. Notable subjects discussed within this oral history interview include the multi-national unity of the farmworker movements and student political groups in support of the farmworker strike.


Welga! Filipino American Labor Archives


Welga! Filipino American Labor Archives


March 17, 2015


The Welga! Filipino American Labor Archives and the UC Davis Asian American Studies department holds intellectual control of the oral history interview, transcript and audio recordings. Usage is restricted for educational purposes only.


PDF document, 29 pages


Allan Jason Sarmiento


Greg Morozumi


Eastside Arts Alliance
Oakland, California

Finding Guide

Year and place of birth—short biography on parents—early exposure to activism in Oakland—Black Arts Movement and Chicano Arts Movement during 1965—the arts movements and the Farmworker movements—Activism with the Asian American youth groups (Pilipino Development Youth Council, Kalayaan, Chinese Youth Council, Red Guards, I Wor Kuen)

The International Hotel (San Francisco, California)—Joining I Wor Kuen—Organizing voluteers for Agbayani Village construction—association with Philip Vera Cruz—Inter ethnic struggle of the 1965 Grape Strike and multi-ethnic strikes during the early 20th century—Philip Vera Cruz and the international struggle—Linda Mabalot

Marcos dictatorship and marshal law—Vera Cruz at the Filipino Far West Convention---Vera Cruz’ early contentions with Chavez—Chavez’ trip to the Philippines—Vera Cruz leaves the UFW—Vera Cruz’ later years at Agbayani and relocation to Bakersfield—Morozumi’s relocation to New York—Mabalot’s term as executive director of Visual Communications

Third World Movements, student movements and the farmworker movement—Marxist movements and student youth movements—united ethnic coalition of the 1970s—Vera Cruz and multi-national unity—organizing in the 1970s—mentored by elder Filipino and Chinese activist at the International Hotel

Kalayaan members teaching Filipino studies at UC Berkeley

Cesar Chavez’ visit to the Philippines – working as a UFW labor organizer – post-’65 strike Filipino families in Delano –

Supporting Filipino-American Farmworker History – Assembly Bill 123 – Legacy in Filipino-American Farmworker History




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