Fujimoto (Isao) Oral History Interview


Fujimoto (Isao) Oral History Interview


Oral History interview with Isao Fujimoto, who recounts his experiences as a Rural Sociologist and his association with the farmworker movement. Detailed in this oral history is his overseas experience in the Philippines, the connection between the Asian American Studies program and Filipino farmworkers, and local support efforts for the United Farm Workers.


Welga! Filipino American Labor Archives


February 13, 2015


The Welga! Filipino American Labor Archives and the UC Davis Asian American Studies department holds intellectual control of the oral history interview, transcript and audio recordings. Usage is restricted for educational purposes only.


Born-digital PDF Document, 30 pages.




Robyn Rodriguez, (PhD)


Isao Fujimoto


Davis, California

Time Summary


Welga Project background – Working with educators from the Philip Vera Cruz –Larry Itliong Middle School– growing up on the Yamaka Indian Reservation – Student Movement at Indonesia – early involvement with farm labor activism – meeting international activists and representatives



Cal-Indo Project – Post-baccalaureate experiences – science revolution – increase importance of activism and civil rights –attending Howard University and connection with civil rights – rural sociology work at Cornell and the Philippines – field work in the Philippines (Mindoro, Initao, Laguna, Cotabato)



American Friends Service Committee – joining the picket line during the 1965-1970 Delano Grape Strike –picketing the Giumarra Winery– association with Pancho Botello – farmworker activism in Northern California (Davis, Marysville) – assisting the UFW in Northern California–  Yuba City school board stops bussing in children from farm labor camps – collaboration between social justice groups (Peace Corps, United Farm Workers, student organizations, UC Davis Faculty) – grassroots bussing programs for rural school children –  Grape growers swift response to UC Davis Chancellor Emil Mrak – the firing Molly Freeman –  Discussing the farmworker movement at UC Davis College of Agriculture – hate mail for bussing rural school children – creating the Community Development course



UC Davis’ response to the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy – Asian American Conference in California – organizing UFW Filipino leaders to attend lectures (Philip Vera Cruz, Larry Itliong) – UC Davis Asian American Studies and the United Farm Workers – the farmworker movement and Asian American studies curriculum –


Cesar Chavez visit to UC Davis – Fujimoto’s involvement with the United Farm Workers – the origins of the Delano Grape Strike – Illocano and Pangasinan members of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee – Arabic boycott signs during the grape strike – disagreements between Filipino leaders and other UFW leaders



Relationship between AFSC and UFW – Filipino farmworker involvement and the creation of the UC Davis Asian American studies curriculum.



Supporting Filipino-American Farmworker History – Assembly Bill 123 Legacy in Filipino-American Farmworker History – Fujimoto’s tenure situation


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