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Oral History Interview with Mary Joy B. Espiritu (Audio Only)

Oral History Interview with Leo and Irene Salinas

Oral history interview with Alice Evangelista

Oral history interview with Josefina Patria

Oral history interview with Dick Mazon

Oral history interview with Zenny Yagen

Oral history interview with Jay Paular

Oral history interview with Vince Sales

This personal journal includes the early life and career history of Julian Garcia, who served as a Bandmaster for the U.S. Navy. The 23-page diary features handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs regarding his U.S. Navy service and…

Induction of Citizen Army Training (CAT) Officers 1982, RSTHS-SI. Cadet Major Donato D. Atienza Jr., Administrative Officer. This photo capture the event in which my father was inducted into the CAT officer corps in 1982. We would always find common…

This photograph depicts Debbieanne Macariola's graduation from nursing school in San Francisco in June of 1979.

This photograph illustrates the Burgos-Soriano couple celebrating their first Christmas at their 2nd new house in Bakersfield California in 1995. They migrated to Arvin, 9 years prior, in September 1986 but wanted to move to a larger city for better…

This photograph illustrates the Landicho family visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, one year after immigrating to the United States from the Philippines.

Photograph: This photograph shows the Fajardo family celebrating Christmas in a house in Sacramento. The Fajardo parents are immigrants from the Philippines

Kappa Psi Epsilon, Gamma Chapter's annual celebration organized for Filipino War Veteranos, Manongs, Manangs, and their families.

My mother with immediate family, 1971

My mother (bottom right), her older sister (bottom left), her younger sister in the middle and my grandparents (top middle).

Photodetailing meetings from Filipino Association: Binalonan Chapter

This photograph illustrates the Adrias/Protasio/Valencia/Miyamoto/Gaskill family in a Restaurant in West Covina, CA.

Young graduates in information technology, Rachel Joven (left, stripes) and Lally Reyes (left-middle, yellow), intern at Shell Philippines before immigrating to the United States. This shows the necessity of gaining an education for Filipinos —…

This photograph illustrates two high school students who are participating in their school's Santo Niño celebration, which is hosted annually by the school's Filipino Student Association. They are bringing in the Santo Niño statue for the beginning…

This photograph is of my niece and nephew, who were dress as a reindeer and a Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

This photograph shows a performance put on by the young Filipino American community, organized by a group called Makibahagi.

PHOTOGRAPH: This is a photograph of the Flores family celebrating a birthday in a restaurant located in California.

PHOTOGRAPHS: This photograph illustrates several first-generation Filipino immigrants celebrating together at a workplace gathering in 2002.

This photograph illustrates four generations of the Antonio Family in their California home during New Years Eve 2015.

This photograph illustrates the orphanage that the Ocampo family has supported for years.

This photograph shows retired American soldier, Glen Gamber Sr. and his Filipino/American son (Glen Gamber Jr.), granddaughters (Glendie Salvoro and Glenluchie Francisco), and great-granddaughter (Daphne Francisco) sitting inside their residence in…

This photograph was when the Basanes family went to Disneyland in the year 1989. This photograph was taken in front of "It's a Small World".

This photo depicts a traditional game from the Philippines that was brought back to the states. It shows how generations continue to pass this game onto the next.

This photograph is of my dad with his peers after showcasing his culture by performing tinikling at a summer camp in Norway.

This photograph is an obituary of Irineo M. Lipat who served in the military (United States Armed Forces in the Far East) as a medic and a Philippine army during World War II. He was also one of the soldiers who was in the Bataan Death March. He died…

PHOTOGRAPHS: This photograph illustrates Master Sergeant Buenaventura Oribio of the United States Army

This photograph shows Nuu Phung and five of his granddaughters in Nevada, CA.

4 year old Filipina girl waiting for the Santacruzan procession in San Diego

This picture depicts Norma Tadeo (my grandmother) departing from an airport terminal during her first ever visit to the Philippines since she immigrated to the United States.

NOTE: I could not find information as to what event this picture was…

An old family photo taken in Fairfield, 2001
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