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Sample union ballot forms for Employees working under Bud Antle, Inc., Vista Verde Farms, Inc., and D'Arrigo Brothers.

Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the UFW, Teamsters, or no unionization

Election tally throughout California cities, showing votes for the Teamsters, or no unionization. Includes December 12 & 29 tallies.

UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


UFW newsletter regarding the food carvan during the 1969 strike


Platon Agtang, Father of Lorraine Agtang, poses with a young Rudy Mostajo


Meeting minutes explaing the AFSC's relationship with the United Farm Workers union and the adoption of Cesar Chavez' methods of non-violence

Correspondence between Patty Enrado and the late Andy Imutan. Subjects discussed within this correspondence includes the history of the Delano Grape Strike, the UFW, and Filipino American Farmworker History.

Sebastian Sahugan, longtime photographer for both AWOC and UFW, shares his thoughts on Filipino Americans, farmworker activism, and Agbayani village.


An interview by Ang Katipunan, containing an interview with Philip Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz explains his reasons for resigning from the union, his grievances towards Cesar Chavez and the role of Filipino Americans in the United Farm Workers.

These documents contain chapter notes, speeches, event information, and program documentation for various activities from the Sacramento Anti-Martial Law Alliance.

These documents detail activities from the Anti-Martial Law Alliance Sacramento Chapter, including the Christmas Caroling campaign, anti-nuclear plant concerns, and song lyrics.

This folder contains various issues of Tanod, detailing political prisoners in the Philippines, interfered elections, & Philippine military operations against the New People's Army

As the United Farm Workers resumed strike activities against Delano's table grape growers, Filipino American UFW members rejoined their union brothers and sisters on the picket lines. This image shows a select few Filipino American members of the…

APCN 2019 at the UC Davis International Center / Ruby Ibarra, Astra Logik, and the Balikbayans visit the Bulosan Center Reading Room

Photographs from the Bulosan Center for Filipinx Studies Inaugural Research Conference

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This report tracks the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Filipino
American community. Key factors that make the Filipino American
community vulnerable, as compared to other Asian American-Pacific
Islander groups, are its undocumented…

This oral history interview was conducted via Google Voice and explained Nickie's life growing up in Delano, her interactions with the Grape Strike, Delano's Filipino Community from the 1960s to the present, and her childhood to adulthood.

Celebration event for the launch of the Bulsoan Center for Filipino Studies, sponsored by UC Davis Health and the National Nurses United

Oral History Interview with Russ Rino, interviewed by Tara Rino

Benefit Dance flyer sponsored by the Aglipay Lodge No. 27 (Watsonville), Donna Aurora Quezon Lodge No. 57 (Watsonville), Bogallion Lodge No. 52 (Santa Cruz), Suzara Lodge No. 76 (Santa Cruz).

Article on the state of Filipino newspapers and events in California during the mid-20th century. Subjects include labor struggles and organizations, newspaper article trends, and synopsis of political leanings of newspapers.

Correspondence regarding Larry Itliong and Carlos Bulosan.

Slideshow video of Engkabo Family, including historic images from the early, mid, to late 20th century.

Promotional, planning , and fundraising material for the 1978 Far West Convention. Includes Filipino Sacramentan fundraising efforts with "Vision of a War Bride" presentation.

Correspondence from Fausto Ayson regarding Filipino American farmworkers in Delano, California. Also mentions Larry Itliong

Over 100 pages from the FBI Archives regarding FBI Surveillance on Carlos Bulosan. Documents include reports on associates, travel plans, and biographical history.

Oral History Interview with Ben Poquiz, conducted by Frances Tibon Estoista of the Filipino American National Historical Society, Sacramento-Delta Chapter

Oral history interview collected by FANHS Sacramento-Delta chapter members, recording the life and experiences of Eustacquio Estampa

Oral history interview collected by FANHS Sacramento-Delta chapter members, recording the life and experiences of Alexander R. Aquino.

This two-part video consists of a short speech by Domingo Los Banos regarding the Untold Triumph Project. The project documents the experiences of Filipino veterans during their times of service. The second half of the video includes Anita…

Oral history interview with Paul de Mesa

Oral History Interview with Pastor "Pat" Engkabo, conducted in collaboration with Filipino American National Historical Society, Sacramento-Delta Chapter and the Department of Ethnic Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Interview team…

113 page journal written by George Suriley during the Philippine American War. Details personal accounts of military travel from the United States to the Philippines, living conditions of American military posts, and combat with Filipinos.

Photographs from the 2019 FAEAC Conference, held at UC Davis

Manifest Destiny Across the Pacific.pdf
Exhibit layout for upcoming Bulosan Center Exhibit

This personal journal includes the early life and career history of Julian Garcia, who served as a Bandmaster for the U.S. Navy. The 23-page diary features handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs regarding his U.S. Navy service and…

This Calendar project by the Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP, Union of Democratic Pilipinos) contains artwork and poetry from Filipino artists. The calendar also contains a brief biography of KDP, biographies for Emmanuel Lacaba, Orlando…

A short film by Kristiana Reyes about her Filipino family's immigration story and upbringing in America.

Larry Itliong's campaign pitch for Delano's City Council.
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