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Philippine-American War Library Guide


Angel Velasco Shaw & Luis H. Franca (editors), Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream 1899-1999, 2002

Anne Nelson, Savages, 2007

David Schirmir, Republic or Empire: American Resistance to the Philippine War, 1972

Emilio Aguinaldo, The True Version of the Philippine Revolution, 1899

Edwin Wildman, Aguinaldo, A Narrative of Filipino Ambitions, 1901

Francis St. Clair, The Katipunan or The Rise and Fall of the Filipino Commune, 1902

Apacible, To the American People, 1900

George Suriley’s Diary of the Philippine American War

Henry F. Graff, American Imperialism and the Philippine Insurrection: Testimony Taken from Hearings on Affairs in the Philippine Islands Before the Senate Committee on the Philippines, 1902, 1969

Jerry Keenan, Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American & Philippine-American Wars, 2001

Moorfield Storey & Marcial Primitivo Lichuaco, 1926

Murray Polner (author & editor), We Who Dared to Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now, 2008

Raul Manglapus, Philippines, the Silenced Democracy, 1976

Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Filipino martyrs: A Story of the crime of February 4, 1899 by an Eye Witness, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1900

Theodore W. Noyes, Oriental America and Its Problems, 1903


Historical Text Archive, Images from the Philippine-United States War

Library of Congress, Photographs on Malolos, Philippines

Library of Congress, Photographs on the Philippine American War

Library of Congress, Photographs on the Philippine American War, 2

Library of Congress, Photographs on the Philippine Insurrection

University of Michigan: Philippine Photographs Digital Archive, Dean C. Worcester (1866-1924), Photographs of the Philippine Islands (PHLA)

University of Michigan: Philippine Photographs Digital Archive, Parker Hitt Photograph Collection (PHLB)

University of Michigan: Philippine Photographs Digital Archive, Manila, Philippines, Collection (PHLC)

University of Michigan: Philippine Photographs Digital Archive, Everett E. Thompson Photograph Collection (PHLF)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Digital Collections, Wisconsin Philippines Image Collection


Digital Book Index, Archival Items on Philippines: Independence Movement, 

Digital Book Index, Archival Items on Spanish-American War, 

Digital Book Index, Archival Items on U.S. Military & Civil Occupation Government (1898-- ) & Policy over Philippines

UPenn Online Books Library, Archival Items on Philippine American War (1899-1902) 

UPenn Online Books Library Archival Items on Spanish-American War (1898 -- Campaigns -- Philippines) 


Candice Millard, “Looking for a Fight” New York Times (Feb. 17, 2012)

Doug Bandow, “The Spanish-American War: When Liberation Became Oppression” Foundation for Economic Education (December 10, 2019)

Manuel L. Quezon III, “A Dose of History: The Glory Days Of Philippine Society Before World War II” Philippines Tatler (April 24, 2020)



Bobby Tuazon (ed.), The Moro Reader (2008)


Library of Congress, “Trench at Bud Dajo”

Rare Historical Photos, “The bodies of Moro insurgents and civilians killed by US troops during the Battle of Bud Dajo in the Philippines, March 7, 1906.”

University of Michigan: Philippines Photographs Digital Archives, Photographs on Moro


Library of Congress: Chronicling America, Newspaper Articles on Moro Rebellion

Library of Congress, Archival Items on Jack Pershing

Library of Congress, Archival Items on Moro

Library of Congress, Archival Items on Moro Rebellion


Astrid Tuminez, “This Land is Our Land: Moro Ancestral Domain and Its Implications for Peace and Development in the Southern Philippines” (2007)

Daniel Miller, “American Counterinsurgency Strategy during the Moro Rebellion in the Philippines 1903-1913” (2009)

Danny Sjursen, “America’s First ‘Endless War’ Was Fought in the Philippines" The Nation (December 18, 2019)

Harvard Divinity School: Religious Literacy Project, “Moros”

Jonathan M. Katz, “What General Pershing Was Really Doing in the Philippines” (2017)

Mark Derewicz, “A Long-Buried War with the Moros” 

Mark Perry, “What Black Jack Pershing Can Teach Us About Fighting Terrorists” (2017)

Soliman Santos, Jr. “Evolution of the Armed Conflict on the Moro Front” (2005)

Theodore Roosevelt Center, “Moro Rebellion”

United States Institutes of Peace, “The Mindanao Peace Talks: Another Opportunity to Resolve the Moro Conflict in the Philippines” (2005)



San Juan, Jr. “An African American Soldier in the Philippine Revolution: An Homage to David Fagen” (2009)

Elizabeth Kissam, “The Forgotten History of an African American Soldier Turned Rebel Leader in the Philippines” (2017)

Frank Schubert, “Seeking David Fagen: The Search for a Black Rebel’s Florida Roots” (2006)

Gill Boehringer, “Black American Anti-Imperialist Fighters in the Philppine American War” (2009)

Ingreed Dineen-Wimberly, “To carry ‘the Black Man’s Burden’: T. Thomas Fortune’s Vision of African American Colonization of the Philippines in 1902 and 1903” (2014)

Joseph Ryan, “The Saga of David Fagen: Black Rebel in the Philippine Insurrection” (1998)

Justin Leroy, “Insurgency and Asian American Studies in the Time of Black Lives Matter” (2017)

M Carmella Cadusale, “Allegiance and Identity: Race and Ethnicity in the Era of the Philippine-American War, 1898-1914” (2016)

Matthew Wills, “The Jim Crow Army in the Philippine-American War” JSTOR Daily (February 4, 2020)

Michael Morey, “The 19th-Century African-American Soldier Who Fought for Filipino Liberation” (2019)

National Museum of African American History and Culture, “Buffalo Soldiers: Legend and Legacy”

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Timothy Russel, “African Americans and the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection: Military Participation, Recognition, and Memory, 1898-1904” (2013)

Vicente Rafael, “David Fagen” (2007)

Created by Daniel Nero (Bulosan Center Intern, 2020) & Jason Sarmiento