Andy Imutan correspondence to Patty Enrado


Andy Imutan correspondence to Patty Enrado


Correspondence between Patty Enrado and the late Andy Imutan. Subjects discussed within this correspondence includes the history of the Delano Grape Strike, the UFW, and Filipino American Farmworker History.


Andy Imutan


Patty Enrado


October 25, 2003


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Dear Patty, I received your e-mail and I am very glad to know you are almost finished with your book. I think there should be more books written about the Filipinos involvement in the UFWOC Delano Strike. It is very depressing to know that the role the Filipinos played seem to be almost forgotten and the young generation thinks it is the Mexican farmworkers led by Cesar Chavez, alone by themselves who were totally responsible for the existence of the UFW today. I realize that it is not the fault of the UFW if books and articles about the Union rarely mention that it was the Filipinos who began the strikes in Coachella and Delano which culminated in the historical Union contracts signed in Delano with the table grape growers, but because the Filipinos who were active in the UFWOC did not have the initiative and desire to make sure that history is preserved. Except for the controversial book by Philip Vera Cruz, there is really no other that the Filipino students, historians and scholars can relate to. Thanks to you and hoping that many more writers would show interest in making their priority a project to show the importance of the participation of the Filipinos in the creation of the UFW. I am writing my memoirs about my activities in the Union, with the help of Dr. Sobredo, a professor in the University of California in Sacramento who is teaching Ethnic studies. For your information: I participated in the March to Sacramento. I was among the original Delano strikers and volunteers. When the NFWA (Cesar' organization) and AWOC merged, I became one of the officers of the Union. Cesar Chavez became the Director and Larry Itliong the Asst. Director. The Vice Presidents were as follows: Tony Orendain- Mexican Andrew Imutan- Filipino Dolores Huerta- Mexican Julio Hernandez- Mexican Gilbert Padilla- Mexican Philip Vera Cruz- Filipino There were three paid AWOC, AFL-CIO Organizers in Delano when the strike began. They were Larry Itliong, Ben Gines and Pete Manuel. Ben Gines and Pete Manuel were also the organizers in the Coachella strike, before Delano. Larry Itliong was the main leader in the Delano strike. When the merger happened Pete Manuel and Ben Gines walked out and joined the Teamsters. Five others joined them, and went back to work as SCABS. The rest of the strikers remained with Larry and us. I am interested in talking to you personally. You may come to Sacramento if you wish. You may also call me before you do- my telephone number is [REDACTED]. Andy Imutan

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