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Lorraine Agtang Interview Transcript.pdf
Lorraine Agtang was a UFW organizer during the 1970s and served the first manager for Agbayani Village. In this oral history interview, Lorraine recounts her early experiences as a farmworker, along with her experiences in both the 1965 Delano Grape…

Oral History interview with Max Baccera.

Fujimoto transcript.pdf
Oral History interview with Isao Fujimoto, who recounts his experiences as a Rural Sociologist and his association with the farmworker movement. Detailed in this oral history is his overseas experience in the Philippines, the connection between the…

Oral History interview with Lillian Galedo

Oral History Inteview of Jose Jasmin, longtime resident of Delano.

Greg Morozumi Oral History Interview.pdf
Greg Morozumi recounts his activities as a political activist, from his early involvement to I Wor Kuen, his association with Philip Vera Cruz, to his current activities at Eastside Arts Alliance. Notable subjects discussed within this oral history…

This oral history interview was conducted via Google Voice and explained Nickie's life growing up in Delano, her interactions with the Grape Strike, Delano's Filipino Community from the 1960s to the present, and her childhood to adulthood.

Oral history interview with Gilbert Padilla
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